Top tips for a beach day with baby

Top tips for a beach day with baby

If a trip to the beach is on your list of to-dos for half term or the summer holidays then we’ve got some top tips that will make for a hassle-free great day out.

1. Create shelter

A baby’s skin is sensitive and shouldn’t be exposed to long periods under the sun. Take a bedsheet to create a fort or den, or a small pop up tent, that provides shade and make sure baby wears a hat.

2. Keep Hydrated

Make sure you take water in baby bottles, and if you freeze a couple of yoghurts you can use them as ice packs.  When it’s time for lunch and the yoghurts have melted they are ready for baby to eat.

3. Pack a small paddling pool

Ideal for keeping baby cool and if placed in the shade lets them splash away from direct sunlight – and from crashing waves.  If your water baby loves being in the sea make sure they are wearing safe swimwear that has UV protection and flotation aids.

4. Take baby powder

Baby powder is the magic ingredient that makes getting sand off skin easy peasy.  BabyKingdom has a great mini powder mist spray that’s perfect to pop in your bag.

5. Pick Your Moment

Sun is always strongest around midday so try and keep beach trips to the morning or late afternoon. If you’re out all day take a small spray bottle of cold water to spray at regular intervals when baby’s cheeks are looking flushed.

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