Top skincare tips for babies

Top skincare tips for babies

Caring for your baby’s delicate skin can be a challenging task. With lots of different factors to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start. We have put together some of our top tips for looking after your baby’s skin to ensure their skin stays hydrated, soft and free from sores and rashes.

Keep skin moisturised

Our number one tip for smooth baby skin is using our 98% natural Body Cream. Our cream is easily absorbed to soothe and repair sensitive skin due to its aloe vera, chamomile and nettle extracts. Not only does our body cream moisturise dried out skin, but it also helps to protect against day to day aggressors. Applying a generous layer of our wonder cream to your baby’s skin each day should be part of your baby’s skincare routine for smooth and nourished skin.

Use natural products

Using natural products is a skincare tip that we wish more parents knew! There are so many products on the market that have been made using strong, harsh chemicals and ingredients. Using creams and lotions with tough ingredients on your baby’s skin can cause irritation and allergies. Baby skincare products with unnatural ingredients have been known to cause discomfort and in the worst case, pain for your baby. Here at Baby Kingdom all of our products are derived from natural ingredients to ensure your baby’s skin is not exposed to any harsh chemicals.

Prevent rashes and sores

One of the most sensitive areas for baby skin is the skin where their nappy sits. Your babe is most likely to be wearing a nappy for almost all of their days and nights, so it is incredibly important to ensure this area of skin is soothed and protected. Our 98% natural Nappy cream is vegan and paraben-free. Applying a highly endorsed nappy cream like ours helps to heal and protect that delicate area of skin from nappy rash and sores, and is a must for baby skincare.

Prevent chafing

Using baby powder to absorb moisture and prevent chafing is an important skincare practice, this is a great way to prevent sore skin. Our talc-free Baby Powder has been developed with gentle and calming ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile moisturiser to add a layer of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory healing benefits.

Protect against the sun’s rays

Baby skin is incredibly delicate, therefore it is important to incorporate sun protection into your baby’s skincare routine, even when the sun does not appear to be shining. Find a sunscreen that is gentle enough to be used on babies, yet still provides enough SPF protection to guard against the damage sun rays can do to skin.


We hope that by using our top tips you will find your baby’s skin to be nourished and revitalised. Should you try any of our skincare tips with great results, we want to know! Get in touch by tagging us on your social media @babykingdomcollection.

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