Seasonal Skincare: Top Tips For New Born, Baby & Child

Seasonal Skincare: Top Tips For New Born, Baby & Child

The winter time change in weather can be incredibly harsh on your new born, baby and children’s skin so here at Baby Kingdom we decided to combine a list of our seasonal skincare top tips to leave your little ones skin happy all year round.

Staying moisturised is key!

The cold winter air can cause a baby’s skin to dry out so it is important to use baby and children safe moisturiser that is gentle on young skin. After bathing your little one it’s great to apply hydrating cream to help lock in the moisture.

Bonus Tip! Baby massage with rich cream

Try giving your baby a relaxing massage using our natural vegan Baby body cream  This will not only help to relax and bond with your little one but will leave their skin coated in a protective layer of moisturiser.

Protect against nappy rash and irritation

It is important to always take protective measures against nappy rash or any irritation, but it becomes especially significant in the winter months. Our all natural vegan Nappy cream is perfect for leaving your baby’s bottom… well quite simply as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Avoid too many baths

We know our beautifully smelling products will have you wanting to bathe your little one all of the time, but it is important to resist too many baths for baby and little one in the colder winter months. It is recommended that babies are not bathed more than 2-3 times a week.

When you do bath your little munchkin it is important to make sure you do not scrub too much when cleaning and when it’s time to get out of the tub gently pat your little one until dry rather than rubbing.

Keeping warm

As the weather cools down it can be tempting to crank the heating up, but resist! Electric heat can be very drying to indoor air, which can in turn cause itchy, dry skin and even dry throats and nosebleeds. Instead try swaddling your baby in extra layers and for younger kids make sure they are dressed in snuggly clothes or pyjamas when in the house.

Bonus tip! Use a humidifier

Using a humidifier in the bedroom throughout the night can help to add moisture to the air especially if electric heating has dried out the natural air in the room.


Whilst many people think sunscreen is something to only be used in summer, the sun can be just as strong in winter time and particularly when there is snow on the ground as the UV rays can reflect against the snow and cause sunburn. Protecting the little ones skin from the sunshine even in in this weather is essential.

Be aware of skin conditions

Skin that struggles that little bit extra in ordinary weather, such as dry or eczema prone skin requires extra TLC in the colder months. Our natural ingredient body cream has been hailed as a miracle cream by parents for fixing their babies eczema sores! Try using our cream each morning or night to provide an extra layer of protection for your baby’s skin in the winter weather switch.

We hope our top tips will be helpful for helping your baby and children’s skin transition this winter. Should you try any of our tips with great results we want to hear! Get in touch by tagging us on your social media @babykingdomcollection

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