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A bedtime essential for nourishing and protecting babies’ delicate skin. Our lightweight cream absorbs easily, nurturing and moisturising skin with added coconut oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil. Protecting skin against day-to-day aggressors with the natural antioxidant, Vitamin E, whilst soothing and repairing damaged and sensitive skin with aloe vera, chamomile and nettle extracts.

  • Suitable from newborn
  • 98% Natural
  • Free from SLS, parabens, petrolatum, silicones, mineral oil, PEG’s, DEA’s and synthetic colours
  • Suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Vegan

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  • Can be used on the face and body
  • Rich in moisture, light on skin
  • Protects and heals
  • Antioxidants to protect against pollutants and external aggressors.
  • Easily absorbs into the skin


Key Ingredients – Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Nettle Extract

Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Glycerin, Cetearyl Olivate, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Sorbitan Olivate, Betaine, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Panthenol, Caprylyl Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hydroxide, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Urtica Dioica Extract, Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Coumarin, Geraniol, Linalool, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional

Allergies – Please note this product does contain traces of nuts



54 reviews for Body Cream

  1. mrscfel (verified owner)

    A big thank you to this wonderful company for the incredible effect your body cream and body wash had on my 1yo! Izzy’s rashy skin started around her neck and gradually spread down her torso, arms and legs. She wasn’t overly uncomfortable but tended to scratch and made her skin bleed. We lathered her in coconut oil two to three times everyday but it never felt nourishing enough and didn’t improve the rash. I’m a nutritional therapist so her diet and gut health are very good. Any sort of steroidal cream wasn’t an option for us and I was hunting for a product with clean ingredients. Your creams were the solution! We saw really quick results and her skin is now flawless after just a few weeks – I’ve posted Izzy’s before and after pictures on your Facebook page. Thank you! I’m recommending you to everyone!

  2. Siobhan Forde (verified owner)

    My baby was suffering from eczema, skin was blistering and crusting over. We used this cream and saw a massive improvement after 3-5 days use, skin is now completely clear after 2 months use. Highly recommend this product.

  3. mikeala_beautician8

    My baby has had very bad eczema from 2 months, she is now 9 months. Tried almost everything to help relieve her itchy dry red skin, she suffers all over her body. Been to a paediatrician and countless gp appointments, nothing they prescribed have worked. I’ve been using this cream for under a week and her arms have cleared up and are nice and smooth. I have been using the cream alot in one day as I have always had to do this with the other creams I have used. Ordering another one soon but will not use as often as with this cream it’s not necessary. Will review in a few weeks to see if it clears up her legs and belly, fingers crossed but so far so good!

  4. karen ball (verified owner)

    I bought this for my Grandson after we were looking at various products for eczema. I wish this had been around for my daughter when she was a baby with eczema(she’s 32 now) Its been amazing for him. His skin is so clear now. Such a great product. Love the packaging.

  5. Emma Stockham (verified owner)

    My son has had eczema since he was three months old (he’s now 8) and we have used numerous prescribed creams and ointments over the years, including steroid creams and emollients, none of which ever completely cleared stubborn patches on his knees, wrists, ankles etc. He also experienced nasty flare ups every few months. About a year ago I read about Baby Kingdom and thought I’d give it a go. The results were nothing short of miraculous – my son’s skin was remarkably improved in just a few weeks and is now almost completely clear. I feel more comfortable knowing that we’re using a product that is all-natural too. This cream is worth it’s weight in gold!!

  6. michaelaon (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product. My 2yo daughter has a small patch of eczema on her leg and I can see results after a few weeks of using it!

  7. Mandy (verified owner)

    Lovely light moisturizing cream that smells wonderful and really helps calm sensitive skin

  8. Mark (verified owner)

    My 14 month old daughter suffers with mild eczema, and we have been using this cream for a few months now, it has defo helped her skin and is lovely and smells very nice too. Will defo continue to use it.

  9. Lisa (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this moisturiser. It smells gorgeous and really helps my 7 month old son’s eczema. Would definitely recommend 🙂

  10. Stephen Richards (verified owner)

    We have used the cream for while now for our daughter who has suffered fro exzema since a baby. This cream absorbs into the skin. Leaves no grease marks and leaves better results than the chemist brands and also hydrocortisone.

  11. Clare Johnstone (verified owner)

    Bought this for my 3 year old niece, who suffers from eczema. Whilst the cream hasn’t cleared it up completely, it has improved the condition drastically. As other reviewers have reported, we have tried all the other prescribed and homeopathic creams, with little or no success. My niece loves the smell of the cream (as do we) and even stands still long enough for it to be applied over her whole body! Now that’s progress ?

  12. Tony (verified owner)

    My four year old daughter has had eczema since a few months old and every night would scratch her skin red raw. Since using the cream the condition is really under control and even when she eats something that inflames the eczema, the cream soothes it and significantly reduces her itching.

  13. John chandrinos (verified owner)

    Bought this after reading reviews and after suffering with eczema on my joints and under my eyes for the last 30 years I have finally found a cure . Absolutely love the stuff it sinks in and doesn’t feel greasy , lasts for ages and smells really nice. Thankyou baby kingdom for finally producing something that delivers without using steroids .

  14. Shauna (verified owner)

    The body cream is amazing! I had dry itchy inflamed skin but after a few days of using the body cream my symptoms have vanished and my skin feels soft and well moisturised. The scent is delicate and doesn’t affect my asthma and I love that the ingredients are organic. Highly recommend.

  15. vicric (verified owner)

    Thank you thank you thank you for creating the body cream!!! My little boy has suffered with eczema since birth. He’s reacted to everything prescribed by Doctors…Aveeno, Cetraben, Hydromol, Hydrocortisone and Dermol! Your cream soothed his skin within a matter of hours I’m recommending it to everyone xx

  16. Vina Cunoosamy (verified owner)

    My 22 year old daughter has had eczema since she was a baby and we have tried everything. I saw this advertised and the reviews and thought we would give it a go. It has really helped her particularly when she has flare up. It’s not greasy like other creams so she can also apply it at night without it making uncomfortable. We have noticed a difference in her skin it’s less dry and less patchy, she is in her third one now and will definitely buy it again. It may be a bit expensive but worth it when it actually makes a difference

  17. Nina jones

    My baby has sever eczema, I have tried many different prescription moistures (epidurm, aveeno, oilatum, cetaphil, double base, childs farm) and non worked for her. However, after using the BK body cream her skin improved dramatically after 2 weeks!

  18. Jamie (verified owner)

    I love this cream, it absorbs into my baby’s skin easily and is not greasy. I am very sensitive to most fragrances but the gorgeous ‘baby’ smell from this product doesn’t bother me at all and everyone comments on how gorgeous she smells.

  19. K Williams (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing cream! After 6 weeks trying creams prescribed by the Doctor for my baby’s severe eczema which didn’t help, this cream literally cleared it up in two days! It really is our miracle cream and I will never use anything else again. I have recommended this cream to everyone I know, even those who don’t have babies!

  20. Poonam Punia (verified owner)

    This is first time, I am writing something about a product. In other words I can say that they are life saving products. They solved my son dry skin problem . I have tried all other cream but no affact then I tried baby kingdom bady cream and it’s works perfectly. Now my son is 9 month old and baby kingdom products has become our first choice products. If anyone want to good result then please try both body cream and bath 2 in 1 at the same time.I am also going to give information about these products on my son Instagram account so that other babies can also solve there dry skin problem Thank you baby kingdom

  21. Fouzia Malik (verified owner)

    It has produced a very satisfying results and I will recommend to any one to try the cream and experience the healing process for themselves.

  22. Em Sido (verified owner)

    Amazing cream, so soft and silky, absorbs quickly and moisturises my extremely dry skin. So happy I found this!

  23. Andreea A (verified owner)

    Very good product. We have tried quite a few moisturisers for our daughter’s skin and nothing quite worked like this. Her skin stays soft from one day to another; and the smell is very pleasant too.

  24. Cathy Allfrey

    I have suffered with itchy skin and red patches on my face and neck for over two years and have tried many eczema creams including hydrocortisone but to no avail. I tried the BK cream as well as the 2 in 1 body wash and shampoo after reading recommendations on Facebook. My skin cleared after using the BK products for just a few days, I will definitely be using it all the time now.

  25. Samantha Davenport (verified owner)

    I read about BK cream in the paper online when a parent was reviewing using it for their babies eczema. I read some reviews and as they were really good I decided to give it a try.
    The Drs had prescribed steroid cream for her but I didn’t really want to use something so harsh as shes only 1.
    This has completely cleared her eczema, no more red, itchy patches and her skin looks beautiful.
    The cream smells amazing, and the packaging makes it look like a real luxury product.
    I recommend this to my friends and family who need a good quality cream. Will definitely buy more in the future.
    It also lasts ages, as you only need a small amount.

  26. Vicky Spiers (verified owner)

    Bought for my baby due December but used some on my old son and it’s made such a difference to his rough arms

  27. Pam Hawkins. (verified owner)

    I have been so impressed with BK Collection and I am so relieved to find the baby cream
    I believe it has sorted the red patches I had on my stomach for a few months. Doctors and Prescribed creams did not help. My Problem looked like eczema, but having used the cream for 5-6 weeks, I am completely free of any patches. My skin being so soft and moisturised.
    The cream has a lovely mild and delicate smell. I use have used this on my face also, and this has cleared any dry skin I had.
    Items are posted quickly and the team are very helpful over the telephone.
    I will always use this wonderful cream.

  28. Omar (verified owner)

    Zahra has completely overcome her eczema and from time to time has slight redness in the back of her knees and in between her arms and forearms but this I think is more related to the heat aspect.
    We also continue to use the Baby Kingdom cream as her primary moisturiser again, the results have been fantastic her skin remains extremely smooth and soft.

  29. ourlittledarlingd_x (verified owner)

    We’ve tried so many different products for Felix’s eczema, including many prescription and steroid creams.
    None of which have come close to working. His ankles and feet are one of his worst areas and most stubborn to say the least. If you keep getting fobbed off by the GP’S and told to bath your child once a week without products etc then you need to try these products first. The results are absolutely incredible and I’m so glad we came across them. This is not an ad and I haven’t been paid to say this. Complete honesty and by the far my favourite baby product to date.

  30. Charlotte Purdy

    Absolutely LOVE these products. They are an absolute god send. After being fobbed off repeatedly by the doctors and after trying a significant amount of other products that haven’t worked, we were getting even more disheartened because our little one was suffering so badly with his eczema. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. Will never use anything else now.

  31. Adrian (verified owner)

    I have been suffering from patches of dry, itchy and inflamed skin as a result of cancer treatment and was looking for some relief without resorting to yet more drugs. I was given the opportunity to try the 2 in 1 hair and body wash and body cream products and thought it worth a try.
    When I received the product, it was well wrapped and excellently presented, I have never seen anything like it with both canisters in their own protective cardboard tube which has all the product information printed on it. On opening, each canister has a good quality pump top dispenser, giving an appropriate amount of product on each pump. Both products are a white cream which is easily dispersed and have a pleasant fresh fragrance.
    Using the hair and body wash in the shower produced a lather which rinsed away easily leaving my skin feeling clean, and my hair clean without the “stripped out and squeaky” effect of some other products. The itchiness in my scalp was reduced significantly at the first use.
    I used the body cream mostly on my face and neck where I had areas of red, dry and itchy, slightly flaky skin. I experienced a significant cooling effect with the first use and over the next few days, the dryness was improved. After two weeks, the only evidence is some slightly reddened areas, the itching, dryness and flakiness are all gone.
    I will continue to use these products and can thoroughly recommend them to anyone experiencing skin problems as a side effect of chemo or radio therapy, these products really work.

  32. Amanda Brice (verified owner)

    Our 8 month old daughter has suffered with eczema for the last 4 months. We have tried all the usual lotions & bath emollients from the doctor but nothing has worked & her skin has become worse if anything. We really didn’t want to keep on using steroids because of long term damage.
    I saw your products on Instagram, I must admit i was a bit reluctant due to the cost but i am so happy with the results.
    Our daughters eczema has practically gone & she had some big oozing patches on her arms & legs. I never thought it would work as well as it has & have purchased some more lotion & also the body wash too. I do not feel the need to use anything prescribed from the gp anymore.

  33. Vicki and Henry (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the products, no word of a lie it’s the best thing I’ve ever used on him! The world needs to know how good it is!

  34. Kylie Lyons (verified owner)

    After months of severe itching and pain my husband brought me your brand. It has soothed and calmed down my angry rash that covered the whole of my back and legs.
    I have ordered two more bottles and I will be recommending your brand to anyone I know who has the constant itching and soreness of eczema prone skin. So grateful to of found your brand.

  35. Sinead Gorman

    I tried many creams for my little girl even prescription ones and nothing really helped her eczema or the dryness even though most of these creams were oily and hard to soak in, baby kingdom soaks in easily doesnt leave you with a slippery baby and smells amazing! I noticed a difference in my little girls skin in a few days and the dryness started to clear up… such a fantastic cream!

  36. Anna (verified owner)

    My daughter is 2 and suffered from eczema since she was born. She was constantly on antibiotics as her eczema was so bad she was getting skin infections. I have tried almost everything to help her to ease her pain and irritation. I have been using Baby Kingdom only for a week. Her eczema has disappeared almost completely. I cannot recommend Baby Kingdom highly enough. It is definitely the best product we have tried out of hundreds out there! Thank you Baby Kingdom

  37. Fatima (verified owner)

    The body cream by the baby kingdom is by far my favourite body cream for my newborn babies skin it did wonders to his dry sensitive skin and smells amazing which is a bounce, definitely going to recommend to family and friends. Thank you so much

  38. toni-bailey-08 (verified owner)

    This cream is amazing my 6 month old Baby as eczema all over his body and literally tried everything we on day 3 with this cream and body wash and wow his skin so clear and soft I can’t believe and he smells lovely thank you so much

  39. Nikki Barnes

    We had a little massage session with the body cream which is perfect for her delicate skin that is prone to dry patches due to the ever changing weather which left her skin nourished and so soft.
    The most lasting impression of these products, the smell is so glorious, addictive to the point we can’t stop smelling her.

  40. Katie Rosendale

    Body cream
    I honestly couldn’t recommend their products enough! I’ve experienced first hand that they really do help with eczema and sensitive skin, they’re definitely our favourite baby toiletries.
    Katie Rosendale

  41. Mandy

    I absolutely love this body cream, it’s amazing! I used it on both girls. I love the way it smells.

  42. Siobhan Macfarlane

    omgggg they smell amazing. They remind me of the smell of a baby ?
    Soooo nice?

  43. Elli Lotinga

    From washes, creams and powders the scents of all their products are so heavenly they offer a fresh, clean scent leaving our babies smelling like babies, I just can’t stop smelling Ella after her bath with our Baby Kingdom products.
    Elli Lotinga

  44. emilio

    I Can Honestly Say We 100% Recommend Them. They Smell Lovely, They Are Made Of All Natural Ingredients And Are Perfect For Emilio’s Sensitive Skin!

  45. Marcella Allen

    It’s worked wonders on my son’s skin and I highly recommend these to anyone with little ones, especially with skin conditions.

  46. Meggan

    The baby lotion is so smooth and silky, this might have to be my favourite, I started using it on Monday as Grace was a little dry on her legs, I applied a small amount on her legs daily and this evening after her bath I was giving her a little massage with it and noticed her legs were baby soft again and I can only credit it to the BK lotions.

  47. megan

    Loved this Product too in an easy pump bottle, it came out white & absorbed quickly on ivy-beaus skin. It smells beautiful & is made with organic ingredients. I love that it will protect & heal Ivy-Beau’s poor eczema flared skin

  48. Kelly Hullock

    Can’t get over how silky soft the cream is and all the range smells so good as some products smell don’t last but these do! Its helped so much with my littlest dry skin as that’s cleared up and I’m still using it on my oldest cheeks for her eczema too as it’s settled down alot xx

  49. Mummyof three

    The body cream smells beautiful and leaves Adalena’s skin wonderfully soft.

  50. Baby Jude

    Great for baby’s sensitive skin and even suitable for conditions such as baby eczema. And not to mention, the BEST smelling baby product I’ve ever smelt!

  51. Claire Clarke

    I use this body cream with my 4 year old so she’s not exactly a baby but it’s just SOOO good! She gets eczema and this clears it right up. Absorbs beautifully and leaves her smelling like a baby (very nice as she’s my youngest so I miss this baby smell!).
    I realise this isn’t the point of the product but she also adores the packaging tube and uses them to store her little toys in – very cute!

  52. Rosie Hackney

    My daughter is the most fussy child when it comes to creams! This is lovely, smells good, rubs in really easy and is helping massively with her eczema, we still have to watch what she eats but this is keeping the eczema at bay, which is great!

  53. Amanda Glenn

    I can sometime get a very delicate scalp which gets very sore and scabs. I had tried some chemist brands to clear it and nothing was working. I decided to try the baby shampoo and then add the cream to my scalp at bedtime. I washed my hair in the morning, then before going to be bed I put the cream all over my scalp and slept with it in on the my skin. I did this routine for around 3-4 weeks and my scalp completely cleared! I still use the baby shampoo every day, it keeps my scalp clear and just use the cream on my body now! It smells lush!

  54. Ami Roberts

    The creams are beautifully silky and were absorbed into Smidges skin really quickly without any greasy residue which was great.

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