Lola’s Story

Lola’s Story

Lola's skin before and after using Baby Kingdom

Sinead’s daughter, Lola, had severe eczema which would bleed all over her clothes and bedding. Sinead was desperately searching for an answer and was recommended Baby Kingdom. After using both our Body Cream and 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash, Lola’s eczema and dry skin started to massively improve.

Sinead, who worked in an opticians before having Lola with husband Andrew, 29, said: “The eczema flared up after her eight-week injections.

“Doctors were sure it wasn’t a reaction to the jabs or anything like that – it was just coincidence – but Lola’s skin never calmed back down.

“We were told she had eczema and we were given steroid creams but they didn’t work and I wasn’t keen on using them long term as they are meant to thin the skin.

“The eczema was everywhere apart from her nappy area so I thought, at one point, it might be down to the washing powder we were using, so I tried changing that too.

“I was so stressed and at my wit’s end as nothing seemed to work.

“As a mother, it was so upsetting seeing Lola in such a state. We were desperate to find something that worked.”

Then the mother-of-one received a message from her sister, Aisling, about a body cream she had read about online called Baby Kingdom Collection which claimed it eased eczema.

Sinead bought the Body Cream and the 2-1 Hair and Body Wash and, to her amazement, after the first few days of use, Lola’s eczema started to clear up.

Sinead said: “Within a few days the redness started to go and Lola’s skin wasn’t so angry anymore and was no longer flaky. It really is a wonder cream.”

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