Lenny’s story

Lenny’s story

Lenny's eczema before and after using Baby Kingdom's body cream

Rachael Pickett’s son Lenny had suffered from eczema from a very young age, with rough red patches covering his arms and legs. Poor Lenny would scratch until he bled, and after trying multiple creams and ointments from the doctor’s, Rachael discovered Baby Kingdom. The cream helped to heal Lenny’s sensitive skin.

She said: “I had all but given up until I found out about Baby Kingdom Collection online.

“I ordered a bottle of the Body Cream and I thought just because it works for one, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone but I’ve been totally gobsmacked with how good it is.

“Without sounding cheesy, it has changed his life. It’s a miracle cream. I even use it on myself.

“In the colder winter months Lenny’s skin is not so bad.

“But I was dreading the summer because his eczema really flares up when it is hot, so I’m so pleased to have found it before the recent heatwave and with more supposed to be on the way.

“All of the other creams would irritate Lenny’s skin even more when I put them on him but Baby Kingdom soaks in quickly, it’s not greasy and it smells really nice.

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