Ivy-Beau’s sensitive skin!

Ivy-Beau’s sensitive skin!

We recently sent the cute little Ivy-Beau (as seen on the left) and her mummy Megan, a selection of Baby Kingdom products to try in their home and see how they performed on Ivy-Beau’s sensitive and eczema prone skin.

Ivy-Beau and Megan were sent our Baby Kingdom 2-1 hair and body wash, body cream and shampoo, read on to find out what they had to say about the products.




Original review and images can be viewed @xivybeauslifex 

Ivy-Beau and her mummy Megan’s review…..

We were so lucky to be gifted 3 stunning products from the wonderful @bkcollectionuk ❤️.
I have struggled since Ivy-Beau was born to find something suitable for her sensitive/eczema prone skin.. even doctors creams/lotions haven’t worked so Iv been open to try pretty much anything. I read a few brilliant things about @bkcollectionuk and was so fortunate enough to be able to give them a try and they are AMAZING.?
The packaging on each bottle was beautiful & full of so much detail.. as you can see in the picture of the bottle out of its packaging.

Here’s what I thought of each bottle:
?2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash:
This was what I used in Ivy-Beaus bath & as you can see the bubbles were fantastic. It smells absolutely gorgeous,
It was rich in moisture to which is great for Ivy-Beaus dry skin.
It was also lovely to know that all products are Sulphate & paraben free and vegan friendly.




?Baby Shampoo for delicate Scalp: Loved this so much, it was so gentle on ivy-beaus eyes. It lathered up so well as I can see in the pic & it smelt & still smells so beautiful I can’t stop sniffing her head ?! It helps soothe dry scalp & her hair is lovely and soft & shiny!


?Body Cream Nourish & Protect: Loved this Product too in an easy pump bottle, it came out white & absorbed quickly on ivy-beaus skin. It smells beautiful & is made with organic ingredients. I love that it will protect & heal Ivy-Beau’s poor eczema flared skin ❤️.


✨Overall I absolutely adore all of these products, they smell beautiful, sensitive on my babies skin & come in high quality packaging. You can tell they are high quality & made of only the best ingredients. I would highly recommend them to anyone with babies with sensitive skin ❤️.
Thank you so much @bkcollectionuk ?

Wow, thank you to Ivy-Beau for helping mummy to put this great review together, we can tell you great stuff about our brand all day long, however you can’t beat hearing it from real, honest mum’s!

We can’t thank you enough for your time and we hope you keep enjoying Baby Kingdom! x



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