Key ingredients in the BK collection

Aloe vera

We use Aloe vera in Baby Kingdom to hydrate, calm, soothe and help protect the skin.


We love to use Chamomile in the Baby Kingdom collection to aid in reducing inflammation, but also cleanses and moisturises the skin while soothing irritation, invaluable qualities when dealing with damaged skin.

Nettle Extracts

We use Nettle Extracts in Baby Kingdom to aid in the healing process as well as soothing and calming, irritated and inflamed baby skin. We also love Nettle extract for its richness in vitamins and hydrating properties.

Vitamin E

We love to use Vitamin E in the Baby Kingdom collection for its anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties, but especially for its moisturising and antioxidant capabilities.

Coconut Oil

We love to use Coconut oil in the Baby Kingdom collection for its powerful antibacterial properties, its’ amazing moisturising abilities and excellent healing properties.

Argan Oil

We use Argan oil in the Baby Kingdom collection for it’s great moistursing properties, especially for severe dryness or eczema. We also love Argan oils healing and protection abilities.

Sweet Almond Oil

We love to use sweet almond oil in the Baby Kingdom collection for its mild, naturally hypoallergenic moisturising properties that will aid in reducing itching and irritation in skin that is healing.

Castor Oil

We use Castor Oil in the Baby Kingdom collection for its excellent healing properties on the skin and the scalp.

Shea butter

We love to use Shea Butter in Baby Kingdom collection for its amazing ability to moisturise delicate skin as well as offering skin protection from further damage. In addition, Shea butter offers anti-inflammatory benefits and is rich in vitamins, a super food for skin!


We use Panthenol in the Baby Kingdom collection due to its beneficial skin healing properties. Panthanol aids in hydrating, soothing and calming irritations for your babies’ skin. We love that Panthenol also aids in protecting baby delicate skin against aggressors, that go on to cause irritations, Panthenol also aids in speeding up the recovery of damaged skin.

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