How to Soothe Nappy Rash

How to Soothe Nappy Rash

Most babies will suffer with nappy rash at some point and it can be difficult to know what to do to soothe it. Your baby may only suffer mildly with it, while for others it can cause quite a lot of discomfort. It appears as red patches and can cause spots or blisters all over baby’s bottom and genitals. If nappy rash is treated correctly, it usually goes away after a few days. We’ve put together a few tips on how to soothe nappy rash.


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1. Keep the area dry

Dirty, damp or wet nappies are one of the main causes of nappy rash. If the area has been in contact with waste or moisture for too long, it irritates the skin and causes inflammation. One of the best things you can do to soothe nappy rash and stop it from getting worse is keep the area as dry as possible. When towel drying the skin don’t rub the area, instead gently pat dry. Talcum powder can irritate already inflamed skin, consider trying something that is free from talc. Our vegan, Talc-Free Baby Powder is great for absorbing moisture and keeping the skin dry and comes in a handy spray bottle.

2. Change nappies often

Even the most absorbent nappies will leave some moisture on baby’s skin so whether you use disposables or cloth nappies, be sure to change them frequently. As soon as you notice your baby has a wet or dirty nappy, change it as quickly as possible. This will not only soothe existing sore areas, it will help to prevent nappy rash in the future. Newborn babies may need around 8 to 12 nappy changes per day.

3. Use a soothing nappy cream

Before putting on a clean nappy, use a cream on the area. It’s a good idea to do this whether your baby has nappy rash or not. A good cream, preferably one which contains no harsh chemicals, will act as a barrier on your baby’s skin from the contents of a soggy nappy. You’ll only need to apply a thin layer to protect the skin and it will also help to soothe existing sores.

Another thing to make sure of is that your baby’s nappy fits properly. Sometimes nappy rash is caused by a poorly fitted nappy that may chafe against the skin. Finally, seek medical attention if you think your baby’s nappy rash is caused by an infection or lasts longer than a couple of days.

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