Staying with family or friends this Christmas? Here are your changing bag essentials

Staying with family or friends this Christmas? Here are your changing bag essentials

Organising a stay at someone else’s house with babies and young children can feel like somewhat or a military task. Trying to remember everything you need to make your stay run as smoothly as possible can be challenging, so we have put together some of our changing bag essentials to help you have a very merry stay this Christmas.

Baby wipes

Some gentle baby wipes are an essential for all parents changing bags. From mucky faces to sticky hands, baby wipes have rightfully earned their place on our list as a changing bag essential.

Baby Powder

A good baby powder is key to preventing rubbing or discomfort whilst away from home is and is essential to a comfortable happy baby, meaning a must have in your changing bag. Our soft and gentle Baby Powder is perfect and leaves babies smelling scrumptious.


Staying away from home can be unsettling for babies and toddlers, bringing a comfort item can help little ones settle at bed time with the familiarity of home. Items that bring comfort can be anything from a special blanket, pillow, or teddy to a traditional dummy.

2-in 1 Hair and Body Wash

Wherever you are staying, your hosts will most likely have bath products, however they may not be natural or as gentle as your baby is used to. Our 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash is a vital for your changing bag, combining both body and hair wash in one bottle saves room in your bag for other necessities.

Nappies & nappy bags

Whilst it may be an obvious one, nappies and nappy bags are one you don’t want to forget this Christmas!

Nappy Cream

Protecting your baby’s skin in the winter is essential. Whilst you may be cutting down on products making the shortlist, our Nappy Cream is a changing bag must have to prevent painful nappy rash and an unhappy baby in the midst of the festive celebrations.

Body Cream

Don’t let being away from home throw you off your routine of caring for your little ones skin. Taking our Body Cream in your changing bag can help to keep your night time routine as similar to what it is at home. If your baby is struggling to settle down in an unfamiliar environment you could even try a baby massage using our gentle cream.

Bonus essentials

Bringing baby and child friendly cutlery is a great idea especially if where you are staying does not have younger children. A Baby monitor is an essential that may slip your mind when packing an overnight bag, but it can be great for giving you peace of mind and allows you to keep your baby’s is safety a priority whilst still allowing you a little bit more freedom to catch up with friends and family while your baby sleeps.

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