Caring for your baby’s skin in winter

Caring for your baby’s skin in winter

Babies are so delicate, and their skin requires extra care to prevent damage and irritation. In the winter months, it can be difficult to keep baby’s skin soft and happy but there are things you can do to help improve and care for your baby’s skin.

Here are our tips to looking after your baby’s skin this winter..

    1. Avoid too many baths

    A baby’s skin can dry out very quickly and this can be made worse with lots of baths. Try to avoid over bathing and sticking to gentle sponge baths and wipe downs rather than lots of soaks. When you do bathe your baby, ensure the water isn’t too hot and use a gentle, soothing natural baby product like our 2 in 1 body wash.

    2. Keep moisturised

    All babies have different skin types, but due to their thinner skin, dryness can occur quicker and easier than we experience as adults. In the winter, the harsh cold and wind and dry air can dry out baby’s skin quickly. Moisturise your baby’s skin at least once a day, and of course, use products that contain no irritants and natural ingredients. Our body cream is great for this as it contains coconut oil which is super moisturising and anti bacterial! You could also combine a daily moisturising routine with a baby massage.

    3. Protect against nappy rash and irritation

    A damp nappy can cause nappy rash, and in winter babies are of course wrapped up to keep warm. This increases the chance of their nappy being damp. Use products to help keep the area dry and soft, and ensure that nappies won’t irritate the skin. Talcum powder can dry skin out even more, which is why we have developed a fantastic Talc-free Baby Powder – perfect for using to combat nappy rash! If a rash or irritants do develop on your baby then use a sensitive nappy cream to soothe the area.

    4. Be aware of skin conditions

    Babies are prone to sensitive skin, and can suffer with a variety of other skin conditions such as cradle cap, milk spots and eczema. Sometimes these skin conditions worsen or appear in the winter months. Ensuring you are aware of these common conditions, what they look like and how to combat them is paramount to keep your baby’s skin healthy. Our baby body cream has been proven to improve skin conditions such as these in the past. Check out our blog.

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