10 things to love about being a parent

10 things to love about being a parent

Being a parent is well-known for being one of the toughest yet rewarding jobs in the world – there is no job quite like it, that’s for sure! We came together to think about our top 10 things that we love about being parents.


Friend for life

From your little shadow who depends upon you, to your independent best friend who you get to see navigate their way through life, there’s no bond like the one between parent and child.

The laughs

Out of the mouth of babes! The innocent comments that come from children and their understanding of the world is often unintentionally hilarious, without them even realising! There’s never a dull moment.

Cheering on your kid’s success

From watching your little cherub play a role in their first nativity to watching on as they toss their mortarboard at the sky at their graduation – the most wonderful part of being a parent is sharing your child’s journey through life with them, and celebrating their successes.

Teaching important life lessons

Shaping a mind is a wonderful thing, and watching kids learn valuable life lessons is rewarding. You are able to give your child all of the teachings you feel you lacked as a child, which can feel like a second chance to grow and set your little one up for the best start to life.

The love and cuddles!

Nothing can brighten your darkest of days quite like a cuddle from your little one! As soon as you hold your baby in your arms after a long day, the stresses of life or work quickly melt away.

Unconditional love

The strength of love between yourself and your child is a power that you most likely have never felt before. The way you love your child is a powerful and incredible feeling that you get to feel everyday- yes, even after your little darling has doodled on your fresh cream couch!

Seeing things through their eyes

Being a parent offers you a different perspective on things. You realise the value of the little things in life, like an ice cream on a sunny day, or the joy of swinging through the sky in a play park.

Look at your own parents in a new light

You understand and can fully appreciate the sacrifices that were made by your parents as you see things from both the point of view of child, and as a parent.

Becoming a better you

There is no stronger motivation to be a better version of yourself, than when you have a little person looking up to you. Every day, you strive to set the best example that you can to your mini-me.

Spending time together

The most simple but important part of parenting, whether it be a ten minute car journey spent singing to your favourite song, to wholesome days or weekends. Every minute spent with your child will be cherished by the both of you.


Whatever your favourite thing about being a parent is, one thing we can all agree on is that it is a job we would not change for the world! Let us know what you love the most about being a mum or dad.

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